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GAL Collective are a group of interdisciplinary Artists-Curators-Producers working with challenging contemporary art, theatre and live/performance art. With 7 core members, the collective is fluid in their nature and have practiced with up to 16 performing en-masse.  

Both GAL Collective their en-masse residencies "Performing Alchemy” organically emerging from a yearlong series of open workshops called HOWL, which were held at Nottingham gallery Guerrilla Art Lab (G.A.L).

Specialising in taking over space and creating safe(r) spaces for those identifying as neurodivergent and genderqueer.  By presenting those small idiosyncratic self soothing motions as purposful actions and  incorporating everyday and personal items into ever changing and evolving installations, GAL Collective hope to bring wider understanding and acceptance to those who may not find such issues familiar.


"I conceived GAL so non-conforming artists could come together. A Safe Space for the Intersectional and Neurodivergent where otherness and identity is celebrated. A different approach was needed. Members are holistically supported to freely explore lines of enquiry inside their practice or to just exist alongside everyone; to breathe with or without labels in order to thrive as artists."

Rachel Parry.

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